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Jianguang Li

Jianguang Li has many years of experience in the financial industry. As the Assistant President of Tinhtic Trust & Investment in 1999, Jianguang headed the firm’s Investment Banking Department where he was responsible for direct investment. He was also a manager in the Crosby Group's Beijing Representative Office from 1994 to 1999, making new investments, monitoring existing businesses and realizing investments for China Investment Co., Ltd, a US$37 million direct investment fund listed on the London Stock Exchange. Jianguang has overseen merger/ acquisition activities, involving Chinese and Western companies in the pulp, paper and packaging industries. In addition, he evaluated hundreds of investment opportunities in other industries, exploring cooperative opportunities for state-owned, collective, private and foreign companies, while also accumulating experience in assessing, structuring and managing investments in China's unique business environment. He holds a master's degree in Applied Economics & Business from the University of Guelph, and bachelor's degree in Economics from Peking University.