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Duc Tran is a Hanoi based Partner at IDG Capital.

Prior to joining IDG Capital in 2006, he had worked 18 years up to the Partner level at Deloitte Vietnam, where he oversaw varieties of the Assurance services, Corporate Finance Advisories as well as Tax Advisories and Management Solutions.

Duc completed the Harvard Business School's Program for Leadership Development in 2012. He earned the B.A. Business Degree from the National Economics University, the B.A. Law Degree from University of Social Science and Humanities, both in Vietnam. From 1996 to 2001, he went to USA for working and studying and earned the MBA Finance Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. He attained CPA certifications in both Vietnam and the United States, California jurisdiction.


Among many affiliations, Duc Tran has served as member of the Vietnam Associations for Financial Investment, Young Businesses Associations, Chief Accountants Association, Entrepreneurship Businesses Association, and Vietnam Securities Associations, etc.,