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Improve people's live quality through investing in environment, society, and governance.

We always believe that responsible investment is the premise to ensure that IDG Capital can achieve long-term value creation. We are continuously integrating ESG investment philosophy into every aspect of our investment process and making it an essential part of our organizational culture.


  • 18YEARS

    In Cleantech Sector

  • $1.4bn

    IDG Capital has allocated more than $1.4bn to the Cleantech Sector as of November 2022

  • 2021


    Deduction of CO2 emission from our portfolios in 2021
  • 2022


    Deduction of CO2 emission from our portfolios in 2022

That is equivalent to the carbon emissions:

  • Reduced by 2.1bn Pinus sylvestris annually
  • From nearly 16.4% of the electricity consumed in Beijing annually
  • From household electricity consumed by 21mn people annually
  • Of 4.37mn passenger cars annually


We have selected the renewable energy industry, including solar power, electric vehicle, fuel cell, and energy storage sectors etc., to conduct an in-depth analysis of the major contributor to avoid carbon emission. The survey showed that our portfolio companies in these sectors, along with the entire value chain, were estimated to collectively increase the avoided carbon emission from 6.47 million tons in 2021 to 11.53 million tons in 2022, up 78.2% y-o-y. It is believed that such significant growth was primarily driven by the enhanced performance and growth in their operational scale of our portfolio companies.



  • IDG Capital is among the earliest investment institutions investing in renewable energy industry in China. Based on our profound understanding and foresight in the industry, IDG Capital has invested in companies with potentials in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, new energy vehicles, energy storage, hydrogen power, etc., so as to play a part to achieve the goal of peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.
  • We encourage and help our portfolio companies to continuously improve ESG performance. We will strive to support portfolio companies to achieve excellence, and ultimately advance social progress.


  • IDG Capital has made charitable donations in education and fundamental scientific research for 20 years. We are the earliest donator who continuously support the development of brain science in China.


  • We actively advocate core values of compliance operation internally and continuously optimize and improve the compliance management system in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to promote the firm’s sustainable development.
  • IDG Capital is committed to creating an equal, diverse, healthy, and safe working environment. Besides, IDG Capital provides various activities to improve employees' professional skills and help them achieve career development and personal value.

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